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A woman of many unique talents, Stephanie is quickly on the path to becoming one of the most sought after high performance specialists in the nation.

If you are feeling stressed by the constant demand to achieve perfection, and overwhelmed by the responsibility of managing multiple projects at work and at home… I can help you.

The East Coast’s Premier High Performance Specialist for Driven Individuals and Creative Teams

Elevate your performance. Illuminate your legacy.

When you’re a visionary, you’ve got big ideas. You may even have tons of motivation and inspiration…
But clearly seeing the path from where you are to where you want to be is another story!

Creating systems, managing multiple projects, and paying attention to all the details to get the results you dream of can be overwhelming and frustrating.

So you remain stuck… longing for a technicolor tomorrow with no real plan how to get there.
That’s where I come in!

I’m Stephanie Ann Ball. I work with businesses to bring the focus, energy, and organization that allows both leadership and teams to perform at their highest level and achieve their goals, consistently and confidently.

The results? Freedom to enjoy what matters most and a legacy you can be proud of.
After all, dreams are inspiring.

But action and strategy are what get you results.

Stephanie Ball
Are you ready to get started?

Still procrastinating on that project?

Discover how to create unstoppable momentum in 5 simple steps!

How could more focus and clarity bring more value to your life, and to the lives of the people you care about?

If you want to know more about how a customized plan can set you up for a more joyful life, book a complimentary consultation with me! I want to help you perform at the highest level consistently and sustainably.

Are you ready to overcome the cycle of overwhelm and start enjoying what matters most to you?

The challenges we address together

The frustration you get from missing out on precious personal time because it seems like your to do list just gets longer.
Being confused and overwhelmed by how to set goals and get organized.
How to network, talk with colleagues, and communicate your ideas clearly.
Together we will implement the systems you need to stay focused, energized, and organized so you can perform at your highest level and regain the freedom to live a more abundant life.
Stephanie Ball Speaking
Curious about what I can really do for you?

Hear what my clients have to say

Stephanie Ball is an amazing mentor! She became a creative resource for me when I chose to pursue my passion for the arts. I was unsure of myself and chose a different career path, which brought on uncertainty, unhappiness, and a craving for my passion. Stephanie inspires me to take the necessary steps to achieve my goals. Whether in-person, online, or over the telephone, she continues to exude positivity and motivation for me. What I am most thankful for is that Stephanie encourages me to never fear my potential.
– Mariah Worthington, client
Stephanie Ball
Lyric Coloratura Soprano. Concert Artist and Curator. Transformational Teacher. Inspirational Speaker. High Performance Specialist. These are just some of the many titles held by Stephanie Ann Ball. A woman of unique talents, Stephanie has quickly become one of the most sought-after high performance consultants in the nation. Using a unique approach to high performance that can only come from someone who has sung to crowds of over 10,000 with ease and aplomb, Stephanie combines her background in the arts with her adept knowledge of sales, customer service, and administrative organization and management to help her clients achieve extraordinary results when it comes to reaching their goals and getting themselves organized.
The lessons I’ve learned on the journey to where I am today
The better you know yourself, the faster you can get out of your own way and step into the life you were always meant to live. Once upon a time I didn’t know myself as well as I thought I did. As a result, I was constantly spinning my wheels instead of actually making strides towards my goals. Once I learned how the way I was functioning in my day to day life influenced my choices and actions, everything changed and I finally saw a clear path towards my dreams. I would love to show you how to give your own performance a boost and start moving through life the way you always knew you could.

Here are a few of the lessons I’ll help you unlock:

Having a plan is the key to reaching your goals, no matter what the goals are.
Never underestimate soft skills! Having a set of great interpersonal skills brings boundless joy to your professional AND personal lives.
Thinking creatively can be the best way to solve a problem.

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