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Stephanie Ann Ball

The East Coast’s Premier High Performance Specialist for Driven Individuals and Creative Teams.

Lyric Coloratura Soprano.
Concert Artist and Curator.
Transformational Teacher.
Inspirational Speaker.
High Performance Specialist.

These are just some of the many titles held by Stephanie Ann Ball. A woman of unique talents, Stephanie has quickly become one of the most sought-after high performance consultants in the nation.

Using a unique approach to high performance that can only come from someone who has sung to crowds of over 10,000 with ease and aplomb, Stephanie combines her background in the arts with her adept knowledge of sales, customer service, and administrative organization and management to help her clients achieve extraordinary results when it comes to reaching their goals and getting themselves organized.

After receiving her Masters of Music and making her first foray into the world of classical singing, Stephanie soon realized that there was a tremendous gap between what she wanted to accomplish, and what she was actually accomplishing.

This discovery set her on the path to learn as much as she could about personal development and strategic implementation, as well as how to use her inherent strengths to her advantage. With those pieces aligned, she began reaching her goals faster than she dreamed possible.

After Stephanie’s life transformed, she began using her process and skills to help other ambitious-yet-overwhelmed women do the same. In just a few short years, she has gone on to build a thriving private voice studio, create a flourishing performance career, and launch Stephanie Ann Consulting.

Stephanie resides in Philadelphia and has fully embraced her entrepreneurial spark. She loves helping her clients get a clear picture of where they are so they can raise the bar on their level of performance and achieve the results they desire, allowing them to truly show up as their best for the people they love most.

Behind the scenes, she can be found obsessing over pastries and miniature desserts, browsing for bunnies on animal rescue sites, or wandering around an office supply store.

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